Activities/Accomplishments of the Goderich B.I.A

The Goderich BIA was formed in 1977 and has contributed to numerous Downtown Goderich projects including paving and parking lots, landscaping, planning of and partial funding of a bandstand and permanent seating in our park, newsletters, signage, funding of Tourism projects (i.e. maps) and festivals, advertising and promotional initiatives, high school student awards, community marketing plans, directory of members and available properties, partnerships with other community groups for projects and events and establishment of partnerships with other economic development groups in the County through applications for marketing funding…just to name a few.

Paving and installation of lights in parking lots in the B.I.A.

Landscaping – on both inside and outside Courthouse Square

Installation of interlocking brick on sidewalk and installation of lighting on inside and outside of Courthouse park

Contributions to Town for purchase of seasonal decorations

Engagement of experts to prepare revitalization and long-term plans for the BIA

Creation of parking for disabled

Providing contributions to annual Town events held in the BIA district

Provided the ground work for incentive programs and partnered with the Town of Goderich to establish a Community Improvement Plan for the Downtown Core in 2008.

The 2014 budget for the Town of Goderich allocated $100,000.00 to the C.I.P fund

Purchase and repair of concrete planters

Paving and repair of streets

Provide support to the Shoppers’ Square Association

Purchase of new tree planters in BIA and Christmas trees for planters each year

Establishment, promotion and maintenance of Farmers’ Market since 1984

Distribution of newsletter to members to update on current programs

Installation of directional signage on highways

Funding and partnership with Tourism Goderich on marketing initiatives such as the summer run of CTV commercials in 2015, 2016

Application for capital grants to supplement major capital expenditures, (i.e. expansion of sidewalks)

Working with local service groups, such as Kinsmen & Rotary to organize events and the Lions Club to provide trash receptacles

Planned and provided the majority of funding for the construction of the Bandstand in Courthouse Park in 2002

Establishment of Award to graduating student of Goderich High School

Creation of website containing complete member directory and information about the programs of the BIA

Hired full time BIA manager to oversee the projects of the Board of Management

Creation of directory of available properties & businesses

Establishment of partnerships with other economic development groups in County through applications for marketing funding and participation in local economic development planning committee

Member of OBIAA

Members of regional tourism groups such as: Huron Tourism Association, Huron Arts & Heritage Network, as well as the Municipal & Marine Heritage Committee, Huron Chamber, and Ontario Farmers Market

Installation of banners in BIA area

Established the BIA Summer Evening Concert Series program at Performance Stage

Active involvement in tourism initiatives with Tourism Goderich  

Purchase of benches in Courthouse Park at Bandstand

Hiring of project coordinator (summer student)

Initiation of Promotional Activities in downtown (Health & Harvest Festival, Moonlight Movie Nights, Pewter ornament program, Aerial view of downtown Goderich poster program)

Partnering in Economic Development programs (BR+E 2006)

Funding partner for Phase II BR+E ‘Implementation Stage’

Adoption & standardization of BIA Brand/logo

Participation in First Impressions Community Exchange pilot program

Installation of new Informational kiosks in downtown

Initiate development of Downtown Goderich Trade Area Report

Installed WiFi in core area partnering with private industry at no cost to members

Installed beautiful bright bold banners on Kingston and Hamilton Street

Creation of Twitter and Facebook pages @GoderichDwntown  and Shop Goderich

Actively involved in Strategic Planning, BIA Strategic Plan 2010, Board has completed the BIA Strategic Plan 2012-2017

Manage successful and ongoing events in the downtown include Ladies Night Out, Sidewalk Sale Days, No Tax Sunday, Goderich Visitor’s Guide, Spooktacular and the all new winter event BIA ICEtacular established in 2016

Engage and inform visitors with the BIA Map Brochure printed twice a year

Promote and encourage growth through sponsorship for events in the downtown, such as Children’s Festival, Canada Day, WestCoastBlues Festival, and Taste of Huron.

Entertain with the Thursday Evening Summer Concert Series

Development of Strategic Plan 2012 -2017

Partner with Courthouse Washroom Build

Banner program created and banners designed and manufactured for three gateway entrances, Kingston, Hamilton and West Street

Participating member of Community Economic Revitalization Committee 2011-13

Participating member of Huron Economic Development Partnership

Participating member of Rebuild Oversight Steering Committee

Participating member of Washroom Build Project 2012-2013

Participating member of the Performance Stage Rebuild Project 2013-2014

Completed Farmers Market Surveys for visitors and vendors 2013

Retail recruitment Project 2012-2013 with Consultant Erin Rudland

Established Available Space for Lease and or sale listing in Downtown Goderich BIA on website

BIA Business and Property Owner Database written in 2012

Engaged an expert to conduct building & business inventory report in 2012

New Mobile friendly website created in 2014

Participating member of Courthouse Park Rebuild

Created and installed banners around the entire inner circle of Courthouse Park

BIA sponsored $60,000.00 towards building costs for the new Performance Stage in Courthouse Park in October 2014

Participating member of the Fanshawe College Site established and opened in Downtown Goderich March 30, 2016

BIA sponsored $50,000.00 towards the establishment of the Fanshawe College site located on St. David Street

Conducted a BIA Business Data Survey in 2016

BIA sponsor and support well known established events in the downtown core such as: Celtic College Evening Concert Series, West Coast Blues Fest, Multi Cultural Festival, Canada Day, and Huron Chamber - Sprit of Success.

In addition to the events listed above; the Goderich BIA run and coordinate more than ten of their own annual events in the downtown core.

We are proud to add the all-new highly successful BIA ICEtacular event held in February 2016 to the list

Created and installed Canada 150, Goderich 190 and Pride banners in 2017

Conducted a Postal Code Survey in 2017 to establish the downtown Goderich business’ customer base

Print and distribute 3000 BIA maps every year

Developed a Marketing Plan to promote Farmers Market vendors on our Facebook page