Date                                                                      Downtown Goderich BIA Event
February 2,3,                                                      BIA ICEtacular
May 18                                                                 Opening Weekend of Farmers’ Market
June 6 – September 5                                     Thursday Evening Summer Concert Series
July 16-20                                                            BIA Outdoor Days
July 19                                                                   BIA Movie Night
October 12                                                          Closing Weekend of Farmers’ Market
October 31                                                          Spooktacular
November 14                                                     Ladies Night Out
December 1                                                        Open House and No Tax Sunday
December 10                                                     BIA Annual General Meeting

Date                                                                      BIA Sponsored/Supported Event
May 27 – June 3                                                Port of Goderich Heritage Days
June 23                                                                 Multicultural Festival
July 1                                                                     Canada Day
July 17                                                                   Outdoor Night Market
August 5-8                                                           Celtic Concerts in Courthouse Square
August 21                                                            Outdoor Night Market                                                  
August 31                                                            West Coast Bluesfest Downtown Shuffle
Nov. 22 – Jan 2020                                           Festival of Lights Celebrations

Other Events of Note
March 2,3                                                            28th Annual Kinsmen TV Auction                       
April 20                                                                Kinsmen Easter Egg Hunt
May 3-4                                                               Goderich Home & Cottage Show
May 12                                                                 Run Around the Square
June 29                                                                Goderich Children’s Festival
June 30                                                                Canada Day Fireworks
July 5-7                                                                Festival of Arts & Crafts
July 5 – Aug 23                                                   Piping Down the Sun (every Friday)
July 11-13                                                            Kinsmen Summerfest
July 20                                                                 Memories Then and Now Car Show
August 9-11                                                        Celtic Roots Festival
August 18                                                            Goderich Triathlon
November 2                                                       Country Christmas Craft Show
November 9,10                                                 IODE Christmas House Tour
November 23                                                     Santa Claus Parade

Dates are subject to change.