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1913 Remembrance Committee are the 
Recipient of the 2014 Governor General's History Award

The Great Lakes Storm of 1913

October 7, 2014

Ontario Residents Bring History to Life by Turning Tragedy into Tributes
Their Innovative Centennial Remembrance to be Honoured at Rideau Hall

The community of Goderich, Ontario is being celebrated nationally for ensuring that lives lost will be remembered for years to come. The Great Lakes Storm of 1913 Remembrance Committee came together in 2012 to plan a series of centennial remembrance events and activities to honour those who lost their lives in the greatest Canadian maritime disaster ever to occur on the Great Lakes. The storm of 1913, known as the ‘White Hurricane,’ battered the Great Lakes from November 7th to 10th in 1913 and claimed 250 lives. 

The Remembrance Committee designed activities around Goderich to inspire others along the Huron lakeshore to undertake complementary events. In total, sixty-five collaborations were born that involved over 1,000 volunteers, numerous events that welcomed over 12,000 guests including sixty descendants of the disaster’s victims. 

For honouring the memory of those affected in the Great Lakes Storm of 1913 and celebrating a former way of life that was central to the Great Lakes lakeshore communities, the Remembrance Committee is one of this year’s recipients for the 2014 Governor General’s History Award for Excellence in Community Programming. 

The francophone recipient is La Société historique du Cap-Rouge for their project “Le Centenaire du Tracel de Cap-Rouge.”

This is the third honour bestowed upon the Committee. It received a Huron County Heritage Award from the Huron Arts and Heritage Network last April, and, was the recipient of the prestigious Dorothy Duncan Award by the Ontario Historical society in June of 2014. The Governor General's award will be presented in Ottawa at Rideau Hall in November

National Grand Champions 

"We are very proud to announce that Goderich has been awarded the National Grand Champion title from Communities in Bloom!!!"

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